Call  or Text Verizon:  706-871-1889
Call  or Text Verizon:  706-871-1889
TINY 27" BEAUTIFUL 09 appaloosa bred filly! This little girl has style and grace. She is simply perfect and
TINY! She is AMHR reg. and is a TRUE 27". Her sire is a leopard appaloosa who is 28" and was shown with
great success. He has been in the journal and is just exquisite. Available for a limited time at a reduced rate!
Check Out  Page 2  Too Many For One Page
Lots of cute babies.
Check Out  Page 2  Too Many For One Page
Lots of cute babies.
The foals below are all Amha/Amhr/Falabella or a
Falabella blend.  Some are mine and since most of mine
were born earlier & sold I am putting up some of my
friends new foals.  They are beautiful, well bred colorful
foals.  If you want apps and Falabellas check these
beauties out.  Contact each farm owner or you can
contact me & I will forward the message.  Thanks for
checking them out.

Fabaloosa Allura, AMHA and just
gorgeous. Granddaughter of
Sweetwater Texas Spotty,
daughter of Few Spot Tango,
which can be seen on $5800
Wow! What a beautiful colt,
Fabaloosa Atticus, he is
56.25% Falabella, so triple
registered! For sale $2000
OBO Can't wait to see what
is under that foal coat! Born
at only 18" tall!
Fabaloosa Farms
Monique Butler
Fabaloosa Farms
Monique Butler
Fabaloosa Farms
Monique Butler
Fabaloosa Aries, AMHA/AMHR
So sweet and tiny will mature
under 30" What a great herd
stallion or super pet! For sale
$2000 $1500 OBO

Fabaloosa Bella Alina, our first
100% falabella filly!
Fabaloosa Farms
Monique Butler
(706) 533-7944 |
"Porterfields Allasandro Avatar".  He is a pintaloosa and is registered
AMHA and AMHR.  Avatar is going to be very small and is a beautiful
buckskin base color,  with the app and paint on top of that.  Currently
asking $1,000,  but as he matures the price will go up.  Feel free to call
or email if you have questions.

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Amha registered buckskin colt.  Very small.  Mother is
32" and father is 30".  Born August 30, 2010.  He will
be ready for a great xmas present for someone.  He
will make afantastic breeding stallion.  A very, very
nice horse.  Payments accepted,  will hold till xmas.  
Paypal preferred.  $1250.
A Dos Palmas Foal
HEIGHT ON 9-2-2010
Amha registered black colt.  You can see in the lower
photos he is losing his foal coat and turning a pure
black.  He was born on May 24th,  and as of today
September 2,  he is 23 inches tall.  He is correct in
bite and legs.  I have reduced his price to $1500 for
the fall market.  
A Dos Palmas Foal
HEIGHT ON 9-24-2010
Well has finally arrived.   A super tiny, little filly.  It
is hard to be sure at this point,  because she
would be minimal,  but I believe she may be a
dwarf.  She is not even knee high.  This here is a
beautiful, blue eyed, tovero that is the perfect
cuddle baby.  She already wants to go
everywhere with me,  tagging along at feeding
time.  An exceptional foal.  Only to a very good
home.  $1500.  I do paypal,  and the famous Dos
Palmas Layaway Program.  This is someones
dream Christmas present.